Private Wealth Management Services

Investment management can be homogenised, costly and ineffective. With services designed for individuals and families seeking truly fit-for-purpose investment management, your needs are central to our transparent, and technology-enabled approach.

The Ptarmigan Advantage

Our approach is differentiated in a number of ways.



Since we have a limited client-to-manager ratio, we have a close relationship with every client.



We manage your assets uninfluenced by the demands of external stakeholders or ‘large corporate’ parent companies



The management of your wealth is facilitated by end-to-end technology that allows for comprehensive monitoring of risk, speed of execution, and transparency of reporting.


We focus on direct stock market holdings simply because we believe they’re the most transparent, alpha-generating investment solution. Maximising performance potential through investing in equity while lowering investor costs, we work to maximise your return as a shareholder with a highly effective, tried and tested model.

Discretionary Investment Management

As your wealth grows, so too do your commitments and administrative burdens. This means you often don’t have the time to devote to maintaining a well-structured investment portfolio.

At Ptarmigan Capital, we remove the difficulties of doing it yourself via our tailored, discretionary approach.

Your Dedicated Partner

At Ptarmigan, we’re proud of our close relationships with our clients. Providing a truly personalised service, our portfolio managers work with a maximum of 20 clients.
This affords us the flexibility to tightly monitor and act with speed, from a place of complete familiarity with your specific situation.

Understanding Your Financial Journey

A Different Approach

Families and entrepreneurs face unique challenges in the world of investments. Unfortunately, these can be exacerbated by traditional investment managers who frequently offer rigid, standardised portfolios and have hundreds of clients vying for their attention. Throw in external pressure from owners and shareholders, this can reduce choice, and ultimately, progress.

Flexibility & Results-Driven

We pride ourselves on a flexible approach and our portfolio managers are set up for success, via low client numbers per manager. Since we’re employee-owned, client centricity is inbuilt into every team member.

Transparency & Reduced Costs

We invest from a rigorously researched list of transparent holdings instead of set, opaque products that have high management, commission, and product fees. Helping you save money, our technology is modern and nimble.

Success Stories

A UK resident ultra-high net worth individual came to us for help managing discretionary portfolios on a bespoke basis. We reduced the portfolio costs by 50% and the client now understands what he owns and why, giving him and his family confidence that his wealth is looked after by an accessible and trusted organisation.

A non-domiciled UK resident wanted to build a portfolio with thematic equity exposure but was restricted from owning single line equities. We implemented a portfolio of equity index futures mixed with fixed income and currency hedging in line with his requirements. We also assisted in the creation of an offshore bond vehicle to structure his wealth more efficiently.

“Will provides thoughtful and thorough analysis, clearly explained and discussed, and then implements the output as part of a long-term investment strategy. His attention to detail is excellent, even down to the smallest item.”

– Existing Ptarmigan Client

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