Private Office Services: Your Legacy, Our Commitment

Our technology-enabled private office advisory services are more than just investments. Liaising directly with tax advisers, estate planners, and third-party trustees, we coordinate the administration of your wealth with your goals and circumstances in mind.

What Is A Private Office?

As a private office, we specialise in the administration of family wealth. Providing peace of mind, saving you time, and keeping you informed with consolidated reports of all of your holdings, our services are refined, versatile, and all-encompassing.

Tailored Solutions In The UK

Every client is different, so our solutions are flexible, to meet diverse requirements. Specifically made for you, UK-specific concerns are addressed in a way that works best for you.

Navigating Complexities With Private Office Advisory Services

The financial landscape is complex, which is why our advisory services are custom-built around you. Using years of relevant, direct experience in investment strategies, we’re perfectly positioned to help you and your family do more with your wealth.

Strategic Private Office Investment Services

We are well set up to deliver an integrated private investment office investment service by combining a fully personalised and expert-run private investment office with an in-house investment capability to help you achieve financial security and long-term growth.

Your Benefits With Our Private Office Services


When it comes to our advisory services or investment strategies, we value your privacy and maintain strict codes of conduct in our practices.


We also offer a personalised approach built to meet your situation, and our expert management means peace of mind.


Reassured of the value we provide; you can enjoy a fully bespoke service that works for you and your family with Ptarmigan Capital.

Our Approach To Wealth And Succession Planning

Preserving the wealth you’ve worked hard to attain is a concern for many successful individuals.


Use technology which remains fit-for-purpose, years of experience, and efficiently allocated managers to preserve and/or grow your wealth.


Ensure that the often complex subject of succession can be handled with minimal stress.


Communicate proactively and work closely with our clients to help them cater for future generations.

Access To Distinctive Investment Opportunities

As an employee-owned organisation, we have no pressure to grow at the expense of our service.

We also have in-house investment expertise that grants us oversight of global markets, which enables us to find hidden opportunities. 

These unique investment opportunities aren’t always identifiable by investment managers tied to specific products or companies, or with hundreds of similar clients to manage.

By sharing our profits with clients, we have no incentive to charge excessive or hidden fees, and our policy of no more than 20 clients per portfolio manager ensures we’re able to focus time and energy on you. We also boast state-of-the-art technology and systems that help us build unique, effective portfolios.

All of this grants you unique access to the market with investment decisions built to serve you and your specific set of circumstances.

Ensuring Your Privacy And Security

We have a commitment to confidentiality and understand the importance of this for our clients. As such, we openly address issues and questions you may have about your privacy and our advanced technology systems and codes of conduct help us protect your data.

Why Clients Trust Us: Stories And Testimonials

A UK resident ultra-high net worth individual came to us for help managing discretionary portfolios on a bespoke basis. We reduced the portfolio costs by 50% and the client now understands what he owns and why, giving him and his family confidence that his wealth is looked after by an accessible and trusted organisation.

A non-domiciled UK resident wanted to build a portfolio with thematic equity exposure but was restricted from owning single line equities. We implemented a portfolio of equity index futures mixed with fixed income and currency hedging in line with his requirements. We also assisted in the creation of an offshore bond vehicle to structure his wealth more efficiently.

“Will provides thoughtful and thorough analysis, clearly explained and discussed, and then implements the output as part of a long-term investment strategy. His attention to detail is excellent, even down to the smallest item.”

– Existing Ptarmigan Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are private office services and how do they support families?

Private office services help manage a family’s financial and personal affairs and can cover anything from tax planning to estate planning, charitable donations, and family governance/succession.

By helping families navigate complex financial affairs objectively and with fairness in mind, we alleviate the strain that these issues can cause.

In what ways do private office services differ from traditional wealth management?

While traditional wealth management generally focuses on productised investment strategies and tax planning, private offices utilise a more comprehensive approach that allows for more customisation.

Tailored to the requirements of the family in question, our advisory services address wealth management across generations, including succession planning.

How can private office services assist in succession planning and wealth transfer?

Private office services help create succession plans and governance structures that serve the family now and in the future. From managing the dynamics within the family organisation to investments, charitable donations, and legacy building, wealth transfer is made simple with the right family office advisory services.

What measures do private office services take to ensure the confidentiality and security of their client information?

At Ptarmigan Capital, we have robust in-house security processes in place to protect our clients’ data. We also collaborate with third parties where necessary to provide robust data protection and since privacy is a high priority within our business, it’s something we take extremely seriously.

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