Investment Management based in London

By choosing Ptarmigan, you choose a partner; not a product provider.
Analysing, selecting, and monitoring investments on your behalf, our discretionary investment management service puts you at the centre and relieves the pressure of doing it yourself.

Discretionary Investment Management

We understand that discretionary investment management often comes with premium cost without the returns, or personalisation to justify that cost.

Our approach is constructed to maximise the chances of success. We understand what constitutes good judgement in investing, and create those conditions for our portfolio managers.

Analysing your existing holdings against your overarching objectives, we create a portfolio that suits your needs and gives you a clear understanding of what you’re holding and why.

We fuse fundamental analysis, perceptions of value versus genuine, long term company valuation, layered thinking, and awareness of bias, to produce our investable universe with conviction.

Tailored Investment Strategies

Your wealth is unique to you and your circumstances will always reflect your journey and life. As such, we believe your investment strategies should be the same, which is why every portfolio we implement is built around the specific goals of the client. We also work from a technology-enabled infrastructure that facilitates efficient and individualised investment management.

Transparent Investment Processes

Transparency is crucial for successful investment management and not only provides peace of mind but paints a clear picture of what’s happening with your portfolio. Our direct holding investment strategies remove the opacity of holding managed funds, as well as the additional layer of cost.

Why Choose Our Investment Management Service?

Dedicated And Efficient

Our team is dedicated to our clients and we always put your goals at the forefront of every decision. Drawing on years of experience in prominent institutions, and supported by nimble technology, we’re set up to deliver results.

Restoring The Personal Touch

With a maximum of 20 clients per manager, ours is a genuinely personal service. London is our base, but we work with high-net-worth clients across the UK to fulfil their financial objectives.

Meet Our London Investment Team

William Davies

Director and CEO

Co founder of Ptarmigan Capital, Will is responsible for client relationships and business growth. With over a decade of experience working with private clients across their affairs, focussing primarily on investment strategy.

Charles Jones, CFA

Director and CIO

Fellow co-founder, Charles is responsible for the investment management process. With experience co-managing the Waverton Global Equity Fund, the Waverton Strategic Equity Fund, he also produced US equity research for Waverton.

Douglas Barnett

Head of Investment Management

Another co-founder, Doug is responsible for managing client portfolios. He was previously a director at Waverton Investment Management, where he ran private client portfolios. He was also included in the PAM Top 40 Under 40 during his tenure at Waverton.

Andrew Case

Head of Compliance

Head of Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering at Ptarmigan, Andrew has worked in law and compliance for over 30 years. With vast experience at the highest level, from Merril Lynch to Morgan Stanley, he’s a member of the New York and Connecticut bars.

Success Stories

A UK resident ultra-high net worth individual came to us for help managing discretionary portfolios on a bespoke basis. We reduced the portfolio costs by 50% and the client now understands what he owns and why, giving him and his family confidence that his wealth is looked after by an accessible and trusted organisation.

A non-domiciled UK resident wanted to build a portfolio with thematic equity exposure but was restricted from owning single line equities. We implemented a portfolio of equity index futures mixed with fixed income and currency hedging in line with his requirements. We also assisted in the creation of an offshore bond vehicle to structure his wealth more efficiently.

“Will provides thoughtful and thorough analysis, clearly explained and discussed, and then implements the output as part of a long-term investment strategy. His attention to detail is excellent, even down to the smallest item.”

– Existing Ptarmigan Client

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Our team consists of specialists who are friendly and approachable. To find out how we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.