The Ptarmigan Approach

An employee-owned, multi-family investment office, our approach is built around our clients.

To help you make the most of your wealth both now and in the future, we do things differently to traditional, externally-owned wealth managers, by:

Combining Technology With Transparency

Investment in technology is at the heart of our organisation. With fully interconnected systems that allow for smooth, efficient and return-generating investment management, our technology supports the management of your capital.

Direct And Effective Strategies

Using directly invested global equity portfolios, we can be flexible and base decisions on your specific requirements. This means factoring in your goals, constraints, and circumstances to build an investment strategy from carefully identified opportunities.

Restoring The Personal Touch

We limit ourselves to 20 clients per portfolio manager. This means that we can dedicate more time to you personally. The result is deep understanding and synchronicity with your specific situation.

By sharing profits with our clients and limiting external shareholders, we’re fully aligned with you, costs are reduced, accountability maximised, and a truly bespoke service provided.

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