Ptarmigan Capital
Private Investment Office

For family offices, financial professionals, and entrepreneurs, finding differentiated and bespoke investment management for equitable cost is challenging. With a fully tailored service and a technology-enabled infrastructure, we avoid the costly pitfalls of conventional investment management.

How We Work

Investment Managers: Aligned

Unlike conventional, standardised investment managers, we’re an employee-owned, multi-family organisation delivering tailored investment portfolios, with our interests aligned with those of our clients. Passionate about delivering an individualised service, our portfolio managers have only a limited number of clients, allowing for enhanced personal interaction.

Our Promise To You


Every client is unique as is everything we offer. Limiting our client numbers and deploying nimble technology releases us to focus on what matters to you.


Alignment is paramount in professional relationships, which is why we minimise external shareholder influence and redistribute excess profits back to our clients.


We run global, directly invested portfolios to improve transparency and reduce underlying costs.

About Us

Why Ptarmigan Capital?

We fuse a low client-to-investment manager ratio with a profit-sharing structure, enabled by modern, flexible technology. For wealthy institutions and private individuals, non-standardised, fairly-charged portfolio management should be a given, and we have established a clear governance and operational structure to foster this ethos.

Our Services

At our core, we are a discerning buyer of direct, public market holdings, but our offering goes beyond investment management and provides single-point oversight of your entire asset base.

Investment Management

The investment portfolios we construct are unique to your needs. Fundamental analysis underpins our preferred investment universe. Market positioning, not flawed predictive modelling, directs our decisions. Deploying public-market investments for absolute transparency, our investment managers combine experience from Tier One financial institutions and leading asset managers.

Private Office

Beyond investment management, we provide streamlined oversight of complex financial affairs using inter-network specialists and software to administer and curate your assets effectively. Providing peace of mind and saving you time, we keep you updated with consolidated, easily digested reports.

Who We Serve

We serve pre or post exit entrepreneurs, financial professionals and families.

Success Stories

A UK resident ultra-high net worth individual came to us for help managing discretionary portfolios on a bespoke basis. We reduced the portfolio costs by 50% and the client now understands what he owns and why, giving him and his family confidence that his wealth is looked after by an accessible and trusted organisation.

A non-domiciled UK resident wanted to build a portfolio with thematic equity exposure but was restricted from owning single line equities. We implemented a portfolio of equity index futures mixed with fixed income and currency hedging in line with his requirements. We also assisted in the creation of an offshore bond vehicle to structure his wealth more efficiently.

“Will provides thoughtful and thorough analysis, clearly explained and discussed, and then implements the output as part of a long-term investment strategy. His attention to detail is excellent, even down to the smallest item.”

– Existing Ptarmigan Client

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