About Ptarmigan Capital

Our team is close-knit and devoted to our clients. Employee-owned and with our interests aligned with yours, we’re here to help you grow your wealth with a robust, effective, technology-led approach that differentiates itself from the shortcomings of traditional wealth management.

Our Philosophy In 1 to 5

Our philosophy is grounded in a deep understanding of how traditional wealth management can be improved to better serve the needs of the individual client with our truly client centric approach. 


Quality and clarity underpin our service, and we pride ourselves on developing transparent investment portfolios.


Our people operate with ample capacity and our technology is nimble, enabling quick, informed communication, and focused oversight.


Liaising with inter-network specialists, we facilitate the overall consolidation and administration of our clients’ wealth.


Using an unmatched client service we’re here to grow your wealth with a direct, transparent approach.


Our automatic profit rebate points to our alignment with your interests, and wish to see your investments perform.

Our History And Timeline

To understand Ptarmigan Capital, you need to understand the journey of our key players and their trajectories.


Philippe Hancock and Herve Benzakein found HBS SA. 


Fast forward six years and Doug Barnett, our current head of investment management, starts his career at De Putron FM.


William Davies, current Ptarmigan Director and CEO, starts his career at JP Morgan.


Charles Jones, Director and CIO, began at Waverton.


Doug joins Waverton and two years later, William joins Credit Suisse until 2021, when he joins HBS London as a Partner.


HBS London is bought out and rebranded as Ptarmigan Capital, a culmination of years of experience and top-level expertise.

How We Do It

Our approach is comprehensive and built around the requirements of entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals. With public-market portfolios and flexibility at the core of our ethos, Ptarmigan Capital works a little differently. 

Restoring The Personal Touch

By building robust relationships with our clients and enjoying more control over portfolios, we can focus on incorporating your requirements into your portfolio.

Lower Costs and Higher Effectiveness

Our conviction-led direct holding approach means lower costs and allows us to be nimble when investing. This helps you build a rounded portfolio that delivers what you want.

Expert Structuring

With in-house investment managers dedicated to your goals and constraints, we work with you, tax advisers, and estate planners to help you structure your investments.

Contact Us

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